idiStudios teams up with Colloquy Collective to realize images for the new production of Wine in the Wilderness

“Like snowflakes, the human pattern is never cast twice. We are uncommonly and marvelously intricate in thought and action, our problems are most complex and, too often, silently borne." - Alice Childress

Faren for Collective Collective Wine in the Wilderness, Courtney


I have had the ultimate collaboration! Imagine being able to translate into images the text of an amazing Black female playwright for the production of one of her most amazing plays dealing with the topics of the misrepresentation of the Black female image for a Black female producer and director! I know it's a run on sentence, but run with me on this one guys! I was more than thrilled to lend my camera skills to Courtney Harge of Colloquy Collective for their new production of Wine in the Wilderness. Harge created the collective because " We at Colloquy Collective feel it is important to mine existing work for jewels that create new contexts for our present conditions." The play, which runs from March 7th through March 17th at JACK, is the company’s inaugural production. Directed by Harge, Wine in the Wilderness examines the issues of racial identity, class striation, art’s purpose, and male/female power dynamics. Originally presented in 1969, it tells the story of a Black male artist as he paints a triptych on Black womanhood, and the Black woman who causes him to reexamine his approach. This play remains poignant and relevant over four decades after its first production. Above is one of the two images I produced for the play - you have to come out and see the play to see the second image! The play opens Thursday March 7th with a great reception afterwards! If you can't make one of the shows - then support the project's funding campaign and support the major tenant of the reImagining - creating new paths for the real voices of Black women!