The reImagining Speaks: Model #3 Tiffani Stevens

The reImagining Speaks is a video series that gives voice to the women lending their images to the reImagining. This series allows you to hear for yourself why this project is so important to me and these 100 women. Listen closely:

Life has been a twisted spiral coaster for me, from radio broadcasting to music production now bar instructor.  You name it, I've probably done it (explains the name Joat - Jack of all trades).  In all of that, finding myself and becoming one with the acceptance of enjoying who I am, I must say I'm a motivator, a thinker, an innovator, a listener, and to shorten the list, many times misunderstood.  Growing up I always considered myself to be different, you know, out of the box.  I spoke a language that many of my friends couldn't even understand because I was so open to possibilities, wisdom, and growth.  I'm not much of a talker, but I will say I'm worth the time to get to know, but not everyone is ready for this experience.  I wasn't always ready for my experience, but I am now.  With that said, please check out my future.  Its been a long process, but as a puzzle, its coming together piece by piece.  You can check out some of my ventures on facebook at or Tah Tah!