The reImagining Speaks: Model #22 Ameria Lennard

 The reImagining Speaks is a video series that gives voice to the women lending their images to the reImagining. This series allows you to hear for yourself why this project is so important to me and these 100 women. Listen closely:


Ameria is a writer/poet, an open spirit, educator and is in the process of starting her own tutoring and editing papers  business. Ameria is defined by her mind and experiences and continues to take a path of growth, learning and positivity. In this light she knows the need and significance of dialogue as a transformative tool to change. She is also looking to capture the love within people through her small photography project: Intimacy (a 3 part series). You can follow her tweets @trinipoetess or look her up on Facebook if you would like to learn more about her various moving ventures.